Electronics Pallets

Plastic Pallets Safe for Electronics

Electronics pallets are used in the shipment of electronic products and components. Requirements vary depending on the type of electronics being shipped. Due to the lightweight and delicate nature of most electronic components, many electronic products are routinely shipped via air freight. Our electronic pallets are a great choice for airfreight.

electronics plastic pallet
The NPP-4840-3R-E3OD plastic electronics pallet is a popular ESD airfreight choice.

Plastic is a Popular Electronics Pallets Choice

Electronic components can be very sensitive to static. Static is generated during movement in the shipping process.

The nails in a wood pallet can cause the static to dissipate into the ground and not harm the components. Wood, however, can still be heavy and not cost effective for airfreight shipment. Lightweight plastic pallets are becoming more common in the air freight shipment of electronic products.

Anti-Static and ESD Options

Since static is sometimes a concern with plastics, additives such as anti-static or electrostatic discharge (ESD) options can be used. These additives help to eliminate the static generated by plastic during the shipping process. Since the shipment of electronics pallets is generally overseas, our electronics pallets are usually a one-way type of shipping pallet. In addition, plastic pallets are fully compliant with and exempt from ISPM-15 import and export regulations.

Our electronics pallets are:

  • Impervious to acids, fats, solvents and odors
  • Resistant to water absorption or the growth of bacteria
  • Inert to infestation, mold and mildew

The use of plastic pallets in the shipment of electronic components is steadily increasing. The consistent, smooth and clean nature of a plastic pallet is favorable for the safe shipment of electronic components. Let Nelson Company demonstrate how we can improve your electronics shipping process.