Complete Lifecycle of Packaging Solutions

Going green is not a new concept at Nelson Company. We've been helping customers reduce waste and reuse for decades. Today, we also offer plastic pallets made of 100% recycled plastics.

Sustainability Timeline

Transport Packaging Lifecycle

In the late 1980's we introduced our reverse distribution services, the early beginnings of managing the complete life-cycle of our packaging solutions.

By the 1990's we had significantly expanded our reverse distribution business and our product line to include environmentally-friendly plastic pallets made of 100% recycled plastics.

Today, the Nelson Company makes use of this experience in creating a Sustainability Program to individually help each customer demonstrate a commitment to environmental stewardship and to easily identify environmentally friendly shipping products.

Green/Green Approach

Many of our packaging solutions are not only environmentally "green," but can be considered "green/green" in that they are friendly to the environment and will decrease overall cost, maximizing your profitability.

By partnering with Nelson Company and outsourcing your transport packaging, your business can learn how sustainability and environmental responsibility can easily and affordably fit into your transport packaging requirements.