Plastic Containers and Crates

Nelson Company offers Plastic Containers in a wide variety for shipping and storage solutions. Replace your worn out Gaylord containers with plastic pallet containers to protect and secure your product in closed loop distribution systems, on your production floor for work in process and storage.

plastic shipping containers

Manufactured with recycled or virgin content, these HDPE containers are constructed for long lasting durability as well as engineered for long life under severe and repeated use. These popular containers are often referred to as Gaylord boxes, collapsible plastic crates or bins, shipping crates and agricultural bins. Plastic pallet containers are offered in a variety of footprints and heights, with solid or removable wall construction.

Collapsible Plastic Containers

collapsible plastic containers

Collapsible plastic containers are equipped with two drop gates allowing access to the contents of the container, these drop gates lay flat against the container when opened with their articulating hinge. When fully loaded to their capacity, these pallet containers can be stacked six high with or without covers.

Each collapsible plastic container has an inset bottom to allow secure stacking without the danger of slipping. Four way fork entry access offers versatility for all your handling requirements. Perfect containers for closed loop distribution systems, securing your trade show merchandise or kitting for your production floor. These are exceptionally strong plastic containers manufactured with structural foam HDPE that will stand up to severe handling requirements. Options include covers, label placards and interior dunnage.

Removable Wall Plastic Containers

Removable wall plastic containers gain extended height with panels and stabilizing clips. The standard height container is modified with a second tier of modified panels offering an internal height of 44 inches. When not in use these pallet containers can be knocked down to a pallet and eight side walls saving valuable warehouse space.

removable wall plastic containers

Panels are secured with stabilizing clips which are accessed from the outside of the container. Both assembly and access to contents can be achieved without reaching inside the pallet container. All panels are interchangeable making assembly simple and keeping replacement costs at a minimum. A weight capacity of 2200 lbs makes removable wall plastic containers ideal for replacing Gaylord boxes with corrugated sidewalls. Manufactured with HDPE, you can expect long life under repeated use and excessive handling applications. Covers are optional.

Ventilated Plastic Containers

ventilated plastic containers

Ventilated plastic containers are ideal for the agricultural industry. Manufactured with virgin plastic these containers meet USDA Standards for direct food contact in agricultural and food processing industries.

The ventilated side walls are removable and allow hydro-cooling to prevent bacteria and mold growth. The walls are interchangeable and the patented locking system provides strength to handle 1500 lbs per ventilated plastic container. These agricultural bins can be stacked up to six units high.

Solid Wall Plastic Containers

Solid wall plastic containers offer smooth surfaces to contain your product. Maintenance free FDA approved for direct food contact. Available in solid gray with interchangeable sidewall panels that will completely detach from the pallet for easy storage, reduced shipping costs for your distribution systems and lower repair and replacement costs.

solid wall plastic containers

Four disassembled containers fit into one of these solid wall plastic pallet containers with the pallet bases nested on top saving you valuable storage space. This rigorous performance pallet container can be stacked fully loaded six high. The locking system requires no special tools and operates outside the box. Use just the pallet by itself or with detachable sidewalls for your pick pull operations. Four way fork entry, covers optional.