Super Sack® Handling

How well is your Super Sack® pallet system working for you?

If you already double stack, you know the value of maximizing space - both in the warehouse and on the truck. But, what about when those pallets are empty.

The Bulk Bag Pallet has a nesting height of just 2.5". Imagine the savings when you fit twice the pallets in the same amount of space as traditional pallets. Fuel costs, transport fees, warehousing - it all adds up.

Super Sacks on Bulk Bag Plastic Pallet

If you export, costs can add up even more when you factor in heat-treating and pallet weight. Made of lightweight (yet durable) plastic, the Bulk Bag Pallet is exempt from ISPM-15 regulations making it easy and affordable to ship one-way.

Let's recap how the Bulk Bag Pallet improves your bottom line:

  • Use Less Space
    Safely double-stack big bags when loaded or nest to take up less space when empty.
  • Handle with Ease
    Lightweight plastic is consistently dimensionally accurate for improved productivity.
  • Sail through Customs
    Skip costly sirex treatment or impregnation and enjoy problem-free overseas shipping.

A Uniquely Different Container Pallet

There's no denying that the Bulk Bag Pallet looks almost space-age in design.

Bulk Bag Plastic Pallet

Use the pallet as a unit base and as a divider for block stacking. Either way, the 4-way tunnel systems means forklift tines are less likely to damage your flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC). The sturdy plastic loops also make it easier to separate stacked sacks. The design works equally well with conveyor systems.

This airfreight-friendly square pallet is offered in a 43x43 size. They're affordable too. Try one out today. You may never look at transporting fertilizers, sand, feed, pharmaceuticals, or other hard-to-handle granular materials the same way ever again.