Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

Nelson Company's experience in materials handling can help your business reduce its carbon footprint with sustainable asset management practices.

Nelson not only helps your business reduce waste, we also help reduce your costs and increase efficiency by helping your company economically reuse and recycle.


Better unitized loads lessens the impact on landfills. Nelson Company offers unitizing solutions to reduce solid waste in transport packaging. Using highly-effective unitizing solutions in combination with either wood or plastic reusable pallets, Nelson helps your company reduce shipping waste while operating more efficiently. For even more efficiency, our nestable plastic pallets allow businesses to fit more on a single truck, reducing fleet size and associated environment costs.


Nelson Company has an extensive return program that spans the US. Once pallets have been used, our Internet-based management system Nelson-ART™ allows customers to track pallets through the supply chain always flagging when additional inventory is needed. By utilizing reusable plastic pallets and our return program, customers operate more efficiently and eliminate the constant re-purchasing of new plastic pallets.

Nelson Company also offers reusable packing materials for protecting products during shipping.


Post-consumer and post-industrial waste gains new life as plastic pallets. The plastic pallets distributed by Nelson Company are an environmentally friendly product made of 100% recycled plastics. Our reusable plastic pallets are designed for use in closed loop systems where the original shipper can get them back for additional shipments. These used plastic pallets are rated by the number of "turns" they get before they are no longer in safe shipping condition. Once a used pallet completes its life cycle, the pallet is completely recyclable.

Going Green Doesn't Have to Cost More

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