Packaging Design and Analysis

The Nelson Company offers a comprehensive Packaging Management Program designed to integrate your entire packaging process into a full life-cycle solution, encompassing every aspect of a complete Transport Packaging System.

Elements of a Transport Packaging System

Transport Packaging System

Our systems-based approach to transport packaging examines all of the elements affecting transport packaging costs. The main elements of a transport packaging system are:

  1. the product being shipped
  2. the primary and secondary packaging
  3. the interface (pallet or platform)
  4. the conditions under which the material will be handled

Integrating these systems into a unified solution provides a tremendous opportunity for improvement.

Integrated Packaging Systems

Most existing systems have been designed on a component by component basis. The packaging was developed to protect the product. The pallet was designed to carry the package. And the material handling equipment was most likely designed without any specific considerations for the pallet being utilized.

Cost savings opportunities can be found in virtually every transport packaging system when the interactions between the elements of the system (product, packaging, pallet, material handling equipment) are fully understood.

  • Packaging Management Program
    (Lowest Annual Cost for Packaging)
    1. Optimized Supply Program for New Packaging
      • Audit of Individual Plant Requirements, Packaging Specifications and Analysis of Waste Stream
      • Optimize Unit Load Design and Develop Proposal for the Supply of New Packaging
      • Audit Current Suppliers
      • Introduce New Supplier / Partners if Necessary
      • Apply Cost Effective Sourcing
      • Redesign: Standardization
      • Re-Allocation of Supply: Consolidated Billing and Payment
      • Inventory Control: Improved Transportation Logistics
    2. Reverse Distribution
      • Managed Return of Reusable Packaging
      • Integrated into Current Purchasing System
    3. Waste Management
      • Return Packaging Back to Suppliers for Reuse and Recycle

The Nelson Company is ready to apply our decades of experience to your packaging systems. Contact Nelson Company now to see how we can improve your current process, resulting in greater efficiency, cost-savings, and an improved bottom-line.