UP-4832-N-210ACM Plastic Pallet

48x32 Nestable Used Plastic Pallet

UP-4832-N-210ACM Plastic Pallet

The UP-4832-N-210ACM 48x32 used plastic pallet is nestable with an open top deck and 9 feet bottom base.

At a glance:

  • Plastic (ACM)
  • Used
  • 48x32 (Euro)
  • 47.2x31.5x5.5 inch
  • 1200x800x140 mm
  • 20.0 lbs
  • 7,100 lb static
  • 2,600 lb dynamic
  • Open Deck
  • 9 Feet Base
  • Nestable
  • One-Way
  • Export
  • Air Freight
  • Low Cost

Pallet Features

UP-4832-N-210ACM Plastic Pallet

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Quick Facts

Plastic (ACM)
48x32 (Euro)
47.2x31.5x5.5 inch
1200x800x140 mm
20.0 lbs
Static Load
7,100 lbs*
Dynamic Load
2,600 lbs*
Top Deck
Bottom Base
9 Feet - Nesting

Special Features

Structurally sound but slightly irregular pallets. Color varies (black, gray or light gray.) Some pallets have "short shots" (very small gaps where plastic didn't quite fill the mold).

  • Standard size used across EU
  • Design is popular in rail freight applications
  • Nesting saves storage & shipping costs
  • Low-cost Plastic Pallet
  • Easy-to-clean hygienic design
  • Suitable for packaged food items
    (not approved for direct food contact)
  • Impervious to acids, fats, solvents and odors
  • Resists water absorption & bacteria growth
  • Inert to infestation, mold and mildew
  • Consistently dimensionally accurate
  • Exempt from ISPM 15 shipping regulations

UP-4832-N-210ACM Specifications

Notes & Availability
  • In-Stock or Available
  • Low Cost Economy Pallet
Weights & Measures
  • 48x32 (Euro)
  • 47.2x31.5x5.5 inches
  • 1200x800x140 mm
  • 20.0 lbs
  • 7,100 lb static load*
  • 2,600 lb dynamic load*
  • 52 per Stack
  • 1,976 per Truck

*Not all used pallet load capacities are available and some may have changed since originally purchased. Specific unit load Sample Tests (ST) are recommended to insure successful use with specific applications and equipment. We reserve the right to change any stated information without prior notice. Not responsible for typographical errors.

  • Used Pallet
  • Plastic (ACM)
  • Recycled Material Option
  • Color Options: Varies
  • Recycled

Orders are filled with colors available and may be mixed. To avoid return freight charges ask your Sales Rep about special color requests. All used pallets have been inspected and cleaned. Pallets may have limited cosmetic damage, but all are structurally sound.

  • Nestable
  • Open Top Deck
  • 9 Feet - Nesting
  • 4-way Entry
Usage & Environment
  • Industrial Pallet
  • One-Way
  • Export
  • ISPM-15 Exempt
  • Air Freight Friendly
  • Non-contact Food Grade
  • Pharmaceutical