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Plastic Pallets and Wood Palletizing Solutions

Headquartered in Baltimore since 1918, Nelson Company secured a place on the early industrial timeline when we transitioned from our 1911 beginnings in wholesale lumber sales to wood packaging manufacturer. Today, we continue to offer innovative palletizing solutions and expert advice for saving money in the places you didn't even know to look.


Nelson Company distributes all types of plastic pallets, wood pallets, containers, racks, unitizing and protective angleboard systems.


We manufacture wooden and corrugated industrial packaging products, including custom wood pallets and crates.


Outsourcing your transport packaging and reverse distribution services to an expert can save your company time and money.

Products and Services

Plastic Pallets

Strong and durable, plastic lasts longer than other pallets - even in the most demanding materials handling environment.

Sell Your Pallets

We make it easy to sell your used pallets to Nelson Company. Pallets should be undamaged and in good reusable condition

Custom Wood Projects

Wooden shipping crates are custom manufactured to meet any volume requirement in sizes optimized for your unit load.

Reverse Distribution

Systematic process by which packaging assets are tracked, recovered, inspected, maintained and returned for reuse.

Total Packaging Management

Our specialty is the interface between the unit load and the material handling equipment. Nelson Company's Total Packaging Management has been effectively applied in these industries and more:

  • steel
  • paper
  • automotive
  • chemical

Our friendly and knowledgeable sales professionals are fully trained in Unit Load Design, Pallet Design, Export Pallets for one-way shipping and Life Cycle Analysis. We eagerly look forward to helping you improve your company's materials handling and its impact on the environment.