Crates and Containers

shipping crates

Containers are a common form of transport packaging and are often referred to as crates, packs or boxes.

In most cases, a container consists of a pallet-type base, rigid or collapsible sides, and may have a lid or top.

Containers can be manufactured from hardwood and softwood lumber, plywood, OSB, corrugated, plastic or metal. Our easy-to-assemble clip crates save time and money.

Crates Offer High Levels of Protection

Containers are most widely used for shipping sensitive parts that require high levels of protection, for bulk parts, flowables, and for parts that require easy removal. Containers may or may not have interior dunnage.

Custom Wood Pallets

Regardless of your application, The Nelson Company can provide recommendations, designs, and costing for a wide variety of container options.

  • Wooden Boxes and Crates - Hardwood and Plywood
  • Plastic Containers
  • Metal Containers - Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum
  • Single, Double & Triple-Wall Fiberboard
  • Multi-Wall Corrugated Containers
  • Custom Crates Fabricated to Specifications