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Change is hard. We get that. But sticking with that old pallet or packaging design may be costing more than you know.

Talk with a solution expert today. With more than 100 years under our belt, we know a thing or two about finding ways to save money (in places not everyone knows to look).

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Most damage results from designing packaging elements independently. Switch to a systems approach for a better unit load.

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Get customized solutions for the design, supply and recovery of transport packaging using our full lifecycle approach.

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Stop waste and close the gaps in your supply chain by consolidating inventory control and getting rid of safety stock.

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Gain valuable insights into your transport packaging performance and improvement opportunities. We go beyond supplying the best products and services, we deliver results.


Pallets, containers, crates and specialty handling products for transporting, storing and protecting your product.

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Custom designs, wood manufacturing, systems analysis and programs for distribution, return and disposal.

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Real people delivering real solutions. No time-wasting here, just innovative ideas and sound advice.

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Delivering Better Plastic Pallets

We're a different kind of plastic pallet supplier. While other companies focus on selling plastic pallets at the lowest price, we set ourselves apart by matching our customers with pallets that deliver the greatest savings. That's an important distinction.

When you buy from Nelson Company, you're getting much more than pallets. You're getting friendly, expert advice. Advice that can help avoid costly mistakes. Load capacities, handling environments, destinations and more come into play when choosing between lightweight nestable plastic pallets for export, heavy-duty rackable plastic pallets for warehousing or sturdy stackable plastic pallets for block stacking bulk bags and other product.

If you need even more reason to choose Nelson, we keep many of our best-selling plastic pallets stocked and ready-to-ship in our own multi-city warehouses. Our inventory also includes a large selection of money-saving used plastic pallets. Put it all together and you're on your way to getting a better plastic pallet, shipped faster and at a lower delivered price.