Pallet Testing

Trial and Error Delivers Better Pallets

Lab simulations and field trials can prevent costly mistakes.


Will the pallet hold the expected load?


Will the pallet survive trip demands?


Will the pallet fit equipment in use?

Put your Pallet to the Test

Most pallets endure rigorous challenges. Some are subjected to the hazards of travel by land, sea or air. Others may be exposed to natural enemies like moisture, heat, cold or insects. Still others face risks by handling and storage equipment.

Testing of your entire packaging system can include:

  • Vibration
  • Compression
  • Impact
  • Environmental

Meet specified regulations and testing protocols.

ASTM International

American Society for Testing and Materials


International Safe Transit Association


National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc.


Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry


National Wooden Pallet & Container Association


Testing developed for your unique environments.

Testing Saves Time and Money

You're in good hands. Nelson Company is staffed with wood science specialists and packaging engineers experienced in pallet testing. Our Technical Director even served as Director of The Virginia Tech Center for Unit Load Design and is a current member of its Advisory Board.

You already know palletized products are traveling faster and farther than ever before. As a result, you're probably experiencing transit challenges. Plus, warehouses and distribution centers are racking more product to keep pace with storage demands. A failure anywhere in your supply chain quickly slows operations and profits.

Testing your pallet or unit load helps to manage risk and optimize practices in your supply chain. Partner with Nelson Company to test your pallets and crates at the Virginia Tech Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design and other premier packaging lab locations throughout the US.