Shrink Your Environmental Impact

We help companies identify and manage environmental risks and opportunities.


Better unitized loads reduce solid waste and minimize packaging weight and volume.


Pallet pooling and return programs sort, repair and bring packaging assets back into service.


Recycling and green disposal of pallets and packaging minimizes impact on landfills.

Customized Green Solutions

Go green with Nelson Company. We help companies reduce waste and environmental impact through recycling, repair and reuse of pallets and packaging materials.

Innovative new processes for improvement are uncovered by examining materials, operations, suppliers, customers and products. Our one-on-one approach starts with an analysis of current systems and setting strategic sustainability goals. After compiling the results, we make recommendations for reducing your company's environmental footprint and transport packaging costs.

Meet your corporate sustainability goals with:

  • Innovative Design Solutions
  • Unit Load Optimization
  • Returnable Shipping Materials
  • Recycling and Waste Management
  • Supply Chain Synergies
  • Pallet Return and Pooling