Packaging and Unitizing

No One Likes Damaged Goods

Stop profit loss with the right shipping protection. Get expert advice from our packaging engineers.


Contain your packaged product in the appropriate primary and secondary packaging.


Secure loads with stretch wrap or bundle with strapping, angle board and edge protectors.


Prevent damage with reusable void filler, air bags, custom dunnage and end gates.

Corrugated Boxes Getting Crushed?

Over 70% of corrugated box strength comes from the corners. Always place the box corners evenly on pallet deck boards to avoid compression damage.


Advice for Primary and Secondary Packaging

Not sure if your packaging is to blame for product damage? Our experts will evaluate the boxes and bags currently in use for transport, storage or display including:

Corrugated Products

Highly customizable. Cost effective. Multi-wall fiberboard cartons carry a wide range of weights.

Gaylord® Boxes

These bulk boxes are often attached to pallets and can be stacked two high to save space.

Bulk Bags

Flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) or Super Sack® for containing granules and flowables.

Avoid Stretch Wrap Mistakes

Stretch wrap needs to join the product to the pallet. If the wrap is not applied correctly, product can "walk" off the pallet creating significant damage and dangerous loads.


Advice for Keeping Unit Loads Together

Our know-how can make the difference between a unit load that arrives ready-to-sell and one that has a date with the dumpster. We evaluate and recommend unitizing aids like these:

Stretch Wrap

Correctly applied, this unitizing film prevents loads from dangerously walking off the pallet.


Bundles packages for a secure load. Commonly plastic but steel is used to unitize heavy loads.


Ideal for extra tough shipping environments. Water-resistant. Protects against strapping damage.

Angle Board

Laminated paperboard formed into rigid right angles. Protects corners and adds stacking strength.

Unitizing Frames

Pair top frames with pallets to stabilize loads and protect bulk shipments of bottles and cans.


Glue-like properties stabilize loads for use with (or sometimes without) other unitizing methods.

Replace Single-Use Fillers with Reusable Dunnage

Did you know that some cardboard dunnage can't be recycled because it may contain glue? Avoid the landfill and save money with sustainable choices in returnable transport packaging.


Advice for Returnable and Expendable Packaging

Empty space around pallets increases the risk of loads shifting or falling. Our load securement experts can help optimize shipping configurations for stabilizing cargo using:


Inflated bags placed in voids protect against load shifts during transit by land, sea or air.

Reusable Void Filler

Made of strong kraft corrugated in a honeycomb configuration. Fills voids between LTL stacks.

Load Dividers

Prevent tipping when double-stacking. Lightweight dividers offer heavy duty tier protection.