About Nelson Company

Hello. We're Nelson Company.

We don't just deliver a better pallet. High-profile companies trust us every day to reliably manage global pallet systems.

Our People

Plain and simple our people are real. Dedicated and hardworking. Our team thrives on solving complex packaging issues. You can count on us to be around for the long haul.

Our Approach

We don't waste time. We get right to business with sound advice. Delivering measurable results from innovative ideas and designs is how we earned our place as a leader.

Our Solutions

When our nimble approach to problem solving is combined with proven services and first-rate products, the result is powerful solutions for delivering on corporate goals.

Lasting Bonds

We're the kind of company that people tend to stick with. We think that says a lot about the way we do business.

Durable relationships are the backbone of our extraordinary staying-power.

Nelson Company by the Numbers:

100+ Years
Headquartered in Baltimore since 1918
60 Years
Longest career by a single employee
40+ Years
Length of service currently held by 10% of our staff
13 Years
Average length of service held by all current employees
95 Years
Longest customer relationship (Bethlehem Steel)

We Never Stop Innovating

Nelson Company knows the fastest way to get left behind is to stop innovating. That's why we continually engage in peer-to-peer learning and professional development opportunities. Leveraging our drive to always be better is how we build customer loyalty. Count on us for discovering new ways to improve processes and reduce costs with fresh ideas.