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Protecting Your Products is Our Priority Too

Pallets and crates move product every day. But when your products are high-value, heavy-weight or uniquely shaped you need more than an everyday pallet. Nelson Company designs and engineers handling products in wood and metal for rolled products, coils, slabs and more.

Pallets & Platforms

Platforms and Skids

Skids, platforms and carrier pallets designed for distribution center efficiency.

Roll Pallets

Properly support and secure rolled products with cradles and saddles.

Coil Pallets and Skids

Heavy duty pallets and skids for aluminum and steel coils

Metal Pallets and Racks

Lightweight aluminum, steel and stainless steel pallets and racks. Powder coated or painted.

Transport Racks

Super-duty wood, steel, or hybrid for storage and shipping of heavy and bulky materials.

Slip Sheets

Thin sheets used as a pallet replacement to support and move loads.

Engineered Wood Pallets

Money-saving plywood, pressed wood, composites and OSB (oriented strand board).

Corrugated and Paper Pallets

Customized to your exact size and weight requirements for light and heavy loads.

Containers & Crates

Clip Crates

Assemble yourself. Everything is included in these custom, reusable wood crates.

Roll Crates

Suspend rolled products for better ergonomics and less product damage.

Metal Crates

One-way or returnable shipping crates custom designed using aluminum, steel and stainless.

Metal Containers

Lightweight aluminum, steel and stainless steel containers. Powder coated or painted.