Take Control of your Packaging

Reverse distribution programs save money. Nelson-ART™ technology makes it easy.

Real Time

Always know the location of your packaging assets in (near) real time.


Maintain accurate records of when your assets are accepted.


Use stand-alone or as part of a reverse distribution system.

Reduce Risk with Visibility

If your product shipment relies on a consistent inventory of pallets or crates, you already know the value of supply chain visibility (SCV). Nelson-ART™ easily helps companies avoid disruptions and develop faster cycle times.

Manage Tracking and Retrieval with Confidence

Browser-Based Access

All you need is access to the Internet and a password.

Multiple Security Levels

Controlled through User login and password functions.

SKU Asset Tracking

Follow gross quantity assignment, movement and disposal.

Perpetual Inventories

Maintain accounts of asset transactions in your system.

EDI Transactions

Capable of manual and electronic data interchange (EDI).

Custom Reporting

Customize your own reports or access standard formats.