Cost-Per-Trip Analysis

No one likes Paying Too Much.

Using the wrong pallet may be costing more than you realize.


A pallet that is not the right size costs more in product damage.


A pallet that is heavier than necessary costs more to transport.


A pallet that fails load requirements costs more in worker injury.

Price Alone does not Determine Pallet Cost

If you're still buying pallets on a cost-per-pallet basis, it may be time for a shift in thinking. A cost-per-trip analysis quickly demonstrates the sizable savings of a better pallet.

Getting the best price on plastic pallets requires more than just looking at the sales price. Always make sure the pallet you choose can withstand the rigors of your shipping or warehouse environment. A pallet that fails is a pallet that costs too much.

One more note. Just because you've always used a particular pallet model doesn't mean it is still your best pallet. Our experts keep on top of advances in materials and new designs to make sure you are always getting the best value from your pallet.