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Our experts know how to ask the important questions.

We look at your entire system. Understanding your product, packaging and handling environment helps us to know which materials handling and transport packaging products will work best.

Pallets & Platforms

Plastic Pallets

Recycled and virgin materials designed for one-way shipping and saving space.

Plastic Pallets

Wooden Pallets

Custom made from hardwoods and softwoods in stringer, block and hybrid designs.

Wood Pallets

Sell Your Used Pallets

Sell your used pallets to Nelson. We consider metal and plastic pallets.

Sell Your Used Pallets

Used Plastic Pallets

Same strength and durability as new pallets in clean and gently used condition.

Used Plastic Pallets

Used Wooden Pallets

Consistent source for used and reconditioned GMA, CP and Euro wooden pallets.

Used Wood Pallets

Containers & Crates

Plastic Containers

Work faster with drop-gates and removable walls. Ventilated options for food and agriculture.

Plastic Containers

Wooden Crates

Smart custom designs better protect your products and improve workflow efficiencies.

Wood Crates

Problem Solvers

RackNest Pallet

Resembling a wood stringer, this high-performance plastic pallet fits 1,800 per TL.

RackNest Pallet

Bulk Bag Divider

Use as a unit base and as a divider for block stacking your Super SackĀ® bulk bags.

Bulk Bag Pallet

Plastic CP9 Chemical Pallet

Solid one-piece plastic design and wide angle runners rival traditional CP9 pallets.

CP9 Plastic Pallet

STAY-RITE™ Stacker

Put an end to collapsing stacks of open-top boxes with one STAY-RITE in each corner.

STAY-RITE™ Corner Boards

Clip Crates

Quick to assemble, collapsible, reusable wooden crates save time, money and space.

Clip Crate Reusable Crates

Everything Else

Other Products

From platforms and skids to specialty products for coils, rolls and more.

Other Products