Wooden Pallet Manufacturer

Custom is our Specialty

Bring us your biggest challenge and we'll build you a better wood pallet or crate.

Less Damage

Is damage to high-value products breaking the bank?

Fewer Accidents

Are pallet handling issues putting workers at risk?

Lower Freight

Could a different size pallet or crate reduce your LTL costs?

long custom wooden pallet

Pallet and Crate Manufacturing Done Right

Your product isn't ordinary. So why are you shipping it on an ordinary pallet? If you're not using the best wood pallet for the job, you're spending too much on costly and avoidable expenses.

  • Pallets
  • Skids
  • Cradles
  • Crates
  • Frames

Build a Better Wood Pallet

In-House Lumber

Our extensive in-house lumber inventory allows us to meet any volume requirement exactly when you need it.

Unit Load Experts

Our pallet design team includes the former Director of The Virginia Tech Center for Unit Load Design.

Pallet Software

The latest PDS software insures all of our pallets meet requirements for strength, durability and economy.

Modern Equipment

Automated machinery at our facilities minimizes labor to provide you with a lower overall pallet cost.

Local Facilities

Our eight manufacturing plants plus a network of trusted contract manufacturers means we can build pallets closer to you.

Truck Fleet

Company owned and contracted. Nelson has its own logistics group for dependable pallet delivery you can count on.