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How the Florida Citrus Industry Benefits from Bulk Plastic Containers

6/13/2019 by Penny Peirce on Crates And Containers

2019 06 citrus plastic bulk containers

Pallet containers play a pretty important role in the processing of citrus. Florida citrus is bigger than most of us think. Did you know that the sunshine state provides 80% of America's orange juice? Drive down a Florida highway and there's a good chance you'll see a truck stacked with crates of hand-picked oranges. Continue reading...

What is California Proposition 65 and what does it Mean for Pallets?

5/09/2019 by Hartson Poland on Plastic Pallets, Wood Pallets, Industrial Packaging

2019 05 prop 65 pallets

​It has been a tough but successful year and you have decided to take the wife and kids to Disneyland. Yes, the original one in California. You're packing the kids into the hotel and you see this big sign next to the door that says something about the premises containing chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects. ​WHAT???? Gloria! Grab the kids! We are outta here! Continue reading...

EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG) for Pallets

4/11/2019 by Hartson Poland on Plastic Pallets

2019 04 epa cpg pallets

​With Earth Day right around the corner, let's take a closer look at how pallets made from post-consumer material fit into the EPA's guidelines for making environmentally-conscious purchasing decisions. And, how things aren't always as they first appear. Continue reading...

5 Most Popular Colors for Plastic Pallets

3/14/2019 by Mike Cunneen on Plastic Pallets

2019 03 color plastic pallets

If you read my last post, you already know that black is the most popular color for plastic pallets. In this post, we'll take a look at the top five popular plastic pallet colors, examples of how each color is used and why color costs more than black. Continue reading...

6 Benefits of Using Plastic Pallets in Colors

2/14/2019 by Mike Cunneen on Plastic Pallets

2019 02 color plastic pallets

​​You've probably noticed most plastic pallets are black. Why? That's easy. They cost less to manufacture. And, yes, that means blue plastic pallets cost more. So do plastic pallets made in red, green, yellow or any other color in the rainbow. Let's look at the many benefits of buying plastic pallets in a specific color... Continue reading...

7 Reasons More Companies are Choosing Used Plastic Pallets

1/10/2019 by Mike Cunneen on Plastic Pallets

2019 01 used plastic pallets

​The market for used plastic pallets is strong and for good reason. Reusability. Plastic pallets are generally engineered for durability. Even the ones manufactured for one-way shipping can often survive multiple trips. The staying power of plastic has increased circulation numbers and introduced an interesting opportunity. Continue reading...

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6 Freight Terms Everyone Should Know

4/11/2013 by Amber Potts on Shipping And Freight

2013 04 terms

Freight terms can be confusing. Acronyms, abbreviations, shorthand, and jargon make up the shipping freight lexicon. Many terms commonly used in the freight world can often leave people in a state of confusion... Continue reading...

5 More Freight Terms Everyone Should Know

11/8/2018 by Amber Potts on Shipping And Freight

2018 11 freight terms

When I wrote my original post, 6 Freight Terms Everyone Should Know, I had no idea it would become so popular. Since that time, a lot of interesting freight questions from all over the world have come my way. Continue reading...

2 Most Common Wood Species for Pallets and Why

10/30/2014 by Jonathan Haynes on Wood Pallets

2014 10 wood

The two most common wood types used for making pallets are southern yellow pine (SYP) and oak. A former study done by the USDA and Virginia tech determined that SYP made up 18.9% of all woods used while oak made up 17.1% (by volume)... Continue reading...

Are your pallets ready for the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

3/24/2016 by Hartson Poland on FDA, News And Events

2016 03 fsma

FSMA enforcement begins summer 2016. Are you ready? The Food Safety Modernization Act is a group of regulations signed into law in 2011. The act is meant to apply the best available science and good common sense... Continue reading...

When is a container considered a Gaylord?

9/5/2013 by Penny Peirce on Crates And Containers

2013 09 gaylord

Gaylord was originally a trade name for a bulk-size corrugated box. You have probably seen a Gaylord box in your local grocery or big box store. They are big corrugated boxes attached to wood pallets. These corrugated containers... Continue reading...

Can Your Moldy Wood Pallets Be Saved? Maybe...

6/6/2013 by Rich Reiher on Pallet Mold, Wood Pallets

2013 06 pallet mold

Don’t scrap that moldy pallet just yet... we might be able to save it! The bad news is you found mold on your pallets. The good news is that mold grows on the surfaces of the pallet components. Continue reading...

1,800 RACKABLE pallets in ONE Truckload: Fact or Fiction

2/8/2018 by Mike Cunneen on Plastic Pallets

2018 02 rack nest

Paying an arm and a leg for pallet freight these days? What if you could get 3 truckloads of rackable pallets delivered for the price of one traditional load? Continue reading...

Should I Choose Recycled or Remanufactured Pallets?

4/12/2018 by Jonathan Haynes on Wood Pallets

2018 04 recycled refurbed pallets

Recycled wooden pallets or remanufactured? ​It's a question that comes up often. Before we get into which pallet is better for your packaging needs, let's sort out the definitions of recycled vs remanufactured. Continue reading...

Industry Standard Pallet Sizes: A Complete List

10/29/2018 by Jonathan Haynes on Plastic Pallets, Wood Pallets, Industrial Packaging

2018 10 standard pallet sizes

The most popular standard pallet size in US inches is 48L x 40W. How popular? The 48x40 accounts for approximately 30% of all wooden pallets produced each year. Continue reading...