Opportunity Assessment

Start Thinking of your Pallet as a Cost-Saving Opportunity

Our all-inclusive assessment of current systems and processes takes place at your facility. Talking to everyone in your supply chain provides the best insights for improvement opportunities like these:

Less Product Damage

A pallet that doesn't meet strength-to-weight ratios drains profits when stacks fail.

Lower Shipping Costs

Transport costs increase when your pallet isn't optimized for big trucks or milk runs.

Fewer Accidents

The best pallet saves money by keeping workers safe and lowering compensation claims.

Uncover Lost Opportunities

Our work begins before the product is even placed on the pallet with an Opportunity Assessment.

It's easy to see how less product damage equals increased savings. But, there are many other ways to save. Give us a day or two to learn about your pallet load and handling environment and we'll help identify your best places for improvement including:


We'll help decide if you should start over with a new design or improve an existing one.


Most damage occurs with forklifts. We look at tine dimensions and measure for clearance.


Your biggest opportunity to save. We evaluate usable dimensions, footprint, weight and more.


Returnable packaging saves on waste hauling costs and reduces unnecessary landfill dumping.


Managing multiple suppliers adds cost. We show you how to improve savings with inventory control.


Do you really need a stronger pallet or just some support modifications to your racking system?